Add A Little More Christmas During COVID

Because of COVID-19 fatigue, many people have gone all-in on more Christmas decorating this year.

Maria Vitenza set up an inherited artificial tree, then ordered a second tree that arrived shortly before Thanksgiving. Then on a whim, she stopped at a lot near her home and bought a third tree. Maria says she loves the celebration of Christmas decorating that makes me feel cozy and happy to be home.

She isn’t alone. People are heading in droves to Christmas tree lots this year as the pandemic forces them to cancel their holiday travel plans. Due to stay-at-home orders, many have focused on Christmas decorating this year – with some buying trees for the first time, while others, like Vitanza, are filling homes with multiple trees.

Sold Out

Some Christmas tree lots are already sold out. Many farms are reporting that they’re now limited to trees under six feet tall. Although people should be able to find a tree, some varieties and sizes might be harder to come by.

People are finding that the demand this year is causing tree prices to rise. Though prices have been rising year after year, farmers are reporting that this year is an exception. It’s reported that Christmas tree prices have risen 2% – 3% per year, on average. This year some tree lots have raised their prices by more than 10%.

One lot owner reports that December 5th and 6th were the best two-day weekend their tree farm had ever seen. He says they were working from start to finish on both days.

Some people are buying Christmas trees for the first time. One Los Angeles resident says this is the first year she’s not having Christmas with her parents. Without travel plans, she thought it would be nice to have some Christmas festivity at home.

She says she spent a whopping $45 on a four-foot-tall table-top tree at a lot near her home. She went to the lot on a weekday to avoid crowds and says that it was still full of people.

Outdoor Activities

One could imagine that part of the surge of buying a live Christmas tree could be the draw of staying outdoors to avoid the virus risks from being indoors. Many farms have implemented increased COVID-19 safety protocols encouraged by the National Christmas Tree Association. For example, social distancing, requiring masks, and touchless payment systems.

Maria has a great story – one we can all relate to.  We hope that this story about adding a little more Christmas cheer helps inspire you and your family this strange holiday season.

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