Hairline Tattoo and Gray Hair: Is It A Match?

Hairline tattoo is the only non-invasive hair-loss treatment that is guaranteed to restore your hairline. During the procedure, a micropigmentation artist uses micro-dots of black pigment to mimic the look of closely shaven hair on your head. But can micro scalp pigmentation work for men with gray hair if the pigment used is black? Yes, it really can! 

How Hairline Tattoo Goes Gray

You have probably seen many micropigmentation clients on television, in the movies, and in your everyday life. Hairline tattoo clients are everywhere, and you’ve never noticed anything except how great they look. That’s because when a well-trained practitioner does it, a hairline tattoo looks completely natural.

The process includes carefully placing hundreds of tiny dots around a client’s existing hair follicles to fill in bald spots and correct an uneven or receding hairline. There’s little or no downtime with scalp micropigmentaion. And after you’re fully healed, you can return to an active lifestyle.

The entire process can take three or more sessions over several weeks to get the look exactly right. The same care is taken whether the client’s existing hair color is pitch black or a shade of gray.

Three Reasons Hairline Tattoo Works for Gray Hair

The first reason scalp micropigmentation still works for gray hair, is that hair roots appear darker than hair shafts. At the root, light gray or even white hair appears much darker. Since keeping a short, buzzed hairstyle is recommended with this treatment, sporting a slightly darker shade will still look natural.

The second reason scalp micropigmentation works for gray hair is that your artist will take the time to blend a shade of pigment that works for you. Scalp tattoo is not a one-size-fits-all solution. A pigment known as Folicule is frequently used for this treatment. Folicule is black in its original state, but the pigment can become a dark, medium, or light shade of gray by diluting it. The customized color should blend in seamlessly with your existing hair. 

Last but not least, your practitioner should be available to work with you to create a look you’re happy with before the treatment even begins. You don’t have to wait until the procedure is finished to know what it will look like.

When you schedule a free consultation, ask if a certified scalp micropigmentation practitioner can create a mockup based on your custom treatment plan.  After the first session, you and your artist can make adjustments to ensure the end result is a natural, full hairline you feel good about.

Still Have Questions about Scalp Micropigmentation and Gray Hair?

The experts at Scalp Micro USA are happy to answer all your hairline tattoo questions. No matter what your hair color, age, skin type of head shape, you are most likely a great candidate for scalp micropigmentation. Even if you’ve tried topical treatments or have had hair transplant surgery in the past—and even if your hair is gray—scalp micropigmentation may be the permanent hair-loss solution you’ve been looking for. –replace with a quote from scalp micro, use something from their website

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