reciprocating air compressor

Reasons Why You Might Need A Reciprocating Air Compressor

Are you considering buying a reciprocating air compressor for your home workshop? These handy machines have many uses across multiple industries. Regardless of their intended purpose, however, reciprocating air compressors move pressurized gas using cylinders and pistons.

In industrial settings, reciprocating air compressors are used in refineries, chemical plants, in the maritime field, and to process and deliver natural gas. They are also commonly used in refrigeration technology to achieve the desired cooling.

What Other Industries Use Reciprocating Air Compressors?

As might be expected, the automotive and tire industries use these machines. But industries as diverse as dentistry and deep-sea diving also count on the use of reciprocating air compressors. Any industry or field where pneumatic tools are in use will likely depend heavily on the use of reciprocating air compressors as well.

What About Consumer Uses?

Do you like to putter around with tools in your home workshop? If so, you might find yourself in the market for your own reciprocating air compressor. Painters who airbrush will also find these a necessary tool for their jobs. If you are a shade-tree mechanic who enjoys working on your own and others’ vehicles in your spare time, a reciprocating air compressor is a must for your convenience.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Reciprocating Air Compressor?

The first thing you need to do is determine which type of reciprocating air compressor will best meet your needs. Below are three options:

  • Single-stage compressors – Fitted with single cylinder or piston. Inexpensive and low capacity.
  • Two-stage compressors – Has both a low- and high-pressure piston. Expanded capacity and pressure output.
  • Duplex (twin) compressors – Two single-stage compressors on one tank. Use less pressure but have more capacity.

Can Your Electrical System Handle It?

You need to understand the voltage limits and total amperage that your wires can support. You might need to make some changes for safety’s sake before using your reciprocating air compressor.

Should You Ever Buy Second-Hand?

If you are just tinkering around in your home workshop, you might be tempted to buy a used reciprocating air compressor from a friend or another hobby enthusiast. But there are reasons why that is not the wisest choice.

As our friends at Hertz Kompressoren USA, Inc. state, “Maintenance is critically important to downtime.” Even weekend warriors in their backyard sheds or garage workshops can face deadlines on projects. 

When you buy used equipment, caveat emptor! There is no service agreement or warranty that can get you quickly back up and running at little or no cost to you. But only you can weigh the value of these repair and maintenance services against the total cost spent.

Do Your Homework Before Purchasing

Before you rush out and buy a reciprocating air compressor, do your own due diligence to ensure that the product you buy is the one that you need. Researching some top brands and comparing their maintenance plans and warranties is also a good idea.

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